New Business Manager


Shefferd is recruiting a New Business Manager for the Paris offices of an advertising agency.


  • Initiate prospection initiatives based on a thorough analysis of market potential, market trends & industry developments
  • Represent the full range of the Agency’s expertise to the outside world & potential future clients and pinpoint precisely the prospect’s specific communication needs.
  • Contribute actively in raising the Agency’s reputation and profile to potential future clients
  • Ensure the conversion of prospects into new customers for the Agency based on a deep understanding of the prospect’s needs & requirements in the area of Marketing and Communication.
  • Participate actively in brainstorming and work sessions during ao pitch processes with the prospect
  • Ensure a proper follow-up of the commercial lead until the moment a first contract materializes, followed by a proper hand-over to the Client Services Team Account Manager/Director.


  • You are a natural networker who invests actively into developing and maintaining a broad range of potential contacts
  • You can demonstrate empathy and deep understanding of the prospect’s needs
  • You are authentic & have excellent communication skills
  • You have high impact and convincing power
  • You are passionate about understanding client’s needs
  • You are driven for results
  • You are proactive, keen on taking initiative & entrepreneurial
  • You show perseverance, even when confronted with resistance or pushbacks
  • You are a team player with a solution-oriented approach to challenges