Chief Operating Officer – Singapore


As Chief Operating Officer, your main objectives consist in delivering the Singapore Business Plan KPIs (Net Sales, Gross Margin, and gross profit), help grow the structure the Singapore office (HR), and ensuring the quality of the work done by the team.

You will be under the supervision of the global CEO, and closely interacting with the Global head of Strategy and creation, Production and Finance. You will participating to the Global Executive committee.


1/ Driving the business of the agency in Singapore and delivering the sales and margin targets defined together with the Global CEO. 
  • Contributing to elaborating the business strategy of the agency in Singapore and SEA, developing the Lifesciences offer among key identified categories (Beauty, Personal Care, Vision care, Nutrition, Pharma), and ensure the perfect execution of this strategy together with the staff in local subsidiaries.
  • Developing and negotiating strong and sustainable partnerships (business deals) with some of our key international partners (Unilever, J&J, Shiseido, Essilor,…). Which includes managing the Long-term contracts.
  • Drive the New Business activity at local/regional level, to recruit new clients, leveraging your existing network, focusing on significant clients, relevant with our key territories, that could have an international echo.
  • Replicating the business model of the agency (agency fees as well as production service)
  • Monitoring and securing the expected profitability of the projects as well as the agency’s Gross margin target.
2/ Manage and grow a strong team of talents to handle the projects.
  • Recruit, animate and motivate the right team of talents as permanent staff of the agency, ensuring the expertise excellence is fulfilled, making sure to be in line with the SG&A of the BP. Manage the talent development plan.
  • Infuse the Company culture and sense of belonging.
  • Build an ecosystem of partners and talents.
3/ Ensuring cross-subsidiary synergies and collaborative projects.

Facilitate and encourage cross-partnership and synergies among the different subsidiaries and colleagues (China, USA), with a special focus with Paris HQ: 

  • Business wise: share opportunities to grow a client internationally and opportunities for cross-country projects. 
  • Project wise: supporting other subsidiaries with your local capacities (creative, strategy/planning, lifescience) and leveraging other subsidiaries’ expertise and know-how according to the projects.
4/ Managing the administrative, financial, legal, HR aspects of the agency.
  • HR: recruitment, management, evaluation of the staff, as well as administrative. Ensure fully compliant process and legal aspects of the subsidiary : working contracts, employee book to remind employee’s rules and duties, …
  • Finance and accounting: follow-up of the client and supplier payments in due terms, and monitoring of the monthly sales & margin trackers.
  • Providing regular (monthly at least) reports of activities to top management (Sales, Pipe, profitability, Accounting). 
  • Ensure a perfect follow-up and compliance of the local legal requirements for our agency as regards our clients, suppliers and employees.


  • 8+ years of experience in the communication/advertising field.
  • Strong business sense and sales skills, having an experience in managing Top international clients.
  • Good marketing and communication skills, you are able to understand the clients’ key challenges, interact with them and share your conviction.
  • Management skills, with experience in dealing with minimum 3 persons of different expertise than yours. Open to interacting with different cultures.
  • English speaking as professional language, fully fluent.
  • Ability to deal and monitor administrative and financial topics, business reports.

Chief operating officer